April 12, 2013

friday at the office

Dear gawd I am sick of the iPhone photos as you folks must be too but I was stuck sans photographer again (and still no Fuji) today so I had to make do with my damn phone. Regardless, today was a shitty day thanks to a freak April snowstorm - WTF people?! I am going to LOSE MY SH*T if I have to deal with more crap weather. But on a high note, it seems I don't have to go to work tomorrow like most of my team so AMEN to that which means I can get some chores done and get my new Ikea stuff and other goodies in place (more on that hopefully in the next couple of days on my page of desire to inspire). Also, there are 4 stores I'm dying to check out around the city this weekend. :-)

sweatshirt blazer (as I like to call it) ~ H&M
t-shirt ~ Kings of Leon concert
jeans ~ J Brand Aidan slouchy boy via Aritzia
brogues ~ Dr. Martens via Gravity Pope
rings ~ bought in Mexico
bracelets ~ The Bay, faux Links of London skulls via Heavens to Betsy, Pandora

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jen@closetrivalry said...

despite the pics, love this look.