February 1, 2013

thursday at the office

massive cardi ~ American Apparel
contrast front t-shirt ~ Mango
leopard print skinnies ~ Old Navy Rockstar
boots ~ Fluevog's Prepares Volunteer
necklace ~ Aldo
bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy

4 notes:

Anonymous said...

I have those pants - they're great!

I have to say this (maybe because I'm much older than you are and probably see things differently), but why no red, pink, or orange lipstick? Some color would be nice! Also, I long to see earrings on you.

I comment as Anonymous because I have no account with anything. I do love to check in with your blog.

kim. said...

For some reason when I wear neutrals I feel i should wear neutral makeup. I should cut that out.
I have not changed out of my little diamond studs since my husband bought me them about 6 years ago. I have seen some cute ones on Etsy lately. Maybe I'll look for some when I'm in Mexico.
P.S. I'm almost 40 so if you're much older than me you must be ANCIENT. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just turned sixty at Christmas, so, yes, I am an ancient number now! What I've discovered in the past few years is that a slash of red orange lipstick really brightens my look and I can be more minimal with eyes. I'm lazy! I dress not unlike you, just with a little more color around my face and/or bright jeans. BTW, I have your basic coloring. Peggy in Anna Maria Island, Florida

kim. said...

well happy belated bday Peggy! i think i will take your advice and spruce up my outfits with a bit more colour on the lips. i find i look too pale/sickly with pale lipstick anyway.