February 2, 2013

saturday with my bestie

I had a day date with my childhood bestie today, for which I had a cute outfit picked out. Then I (thankfully) checked the weather, and a forecast of snow and freezing temps made me quickly rethink my clothing choices. We had planned to have brunch and then hit up a few thrift stores that would have us walking all over town so dressing for the weather means big snow boots and layers. Not pictured are tights under these jeans, giant parka, hat, and mitts. I'm so over winter.

on me:
jacket: Forever 21
jeans: Garage
scarf: AE
boots: Sorel Cate the Great

on Gia:
jacket & leggings: Old Navy
sweater: H&M
boots: hand me down

4 notes:

kim. said...

love that jacket. looks cozy (i have a similar one from Gap)

Anonymous said...

ooh! what color cate the greats are those?

jen@closetrivalry said...

they are pewter & kettle, and absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

been thinking about getting these, can't decide on a color! the two-tone (deco) seems more slimming, but these look great, not as cool-grey as i'd thought.