February 1, 2013

people, meet my 7's (and other purchases too)

After the craptastic week I had, I headed out on my own last night to regroup and relax. A night of retail indulgence makes everything better so I started off with a manicure, and then headed to the mall downtown. 

My first stop was Aritzia. I bought a pair of 7's. Except for the 6 extra inches in length, they look like they were made for me. And before anyone thinks I'd actually spend $225 on jeans, let me just say I got the best deal...$85! I am in love, and I hope you like them because you'll be seeing them on me often. 

I also picked up this super soft Talula cashmere cardigan ($90 down to $45) and the T.Babaton scarf of my dreams ($75 down to $25). 

I went to Forever 21 and found the sweater/jacket I was looking for (it was on for $13!) and a striped shirt that I think will be great for layering.

I wear leggings a lot (too much perhaps) so I was happy to find a few patterned ones as a way to add variety. The ones on the right are from F21 and the other two from Urban Behavior.

Spring had their boots on for half off the sale price, so for $35 I really couldn't turn down these wedges. I like the mix of nubuck and faux leather plus the heel isn't too tall so I'll be able to wear them as everyday boots. 

I've been keeping an eye out for a biker jacket without neck buckles or a double breasted zipper, and I stumbled upon this one at Dynamite. I could live without the wrinkles (the sales girl even told me that they're meant to be there, to give it a grunge look???) but since I can't afford a real leather jacket it'll do quite well.

Any good shopping spree wouldn't be complete without some accessories  The two studded bracelets on the left from Spring, the necklace and silver studded bangle are from F21.

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kim. said...

holy sh*t - nice scores!!!