January 28, 2013

the wknd

This weekend was a bit of a disappointment. We had grand kid free plans, but in the end Gia was not ok with the planned sleepover at my parents and insisted on going home to her bed. I tried to convince her, and then resorted to bribery, but it was 2 hours past her bedtime and the kid was having none of it. So my big Saturday night out turned in to me sitting all alone in front of the TV, while my Husband headed to the party to put in an appearance on our behalf.  I won't lie, I was totally bummed about it, and had a huge pity party with tears and all.

Retail therapy makes everything better, so on Sunday I headed to Marshalls. I went into the change room with a bunch of clothes and shoes, but after some veto's from Kim (via picture text), getting my feet stuck in some Madden boots (after the zipper broke) and a whole lot of things that just didn't fit right, I ended up with a new pair of Nike Revolution sneakers for the gym and a Roxy sweatshirt. 

sweater: Gap
tank: Zara
leggings: Aritzia
boots: Verona
scarf: AE
bracelet: from my Mom

5 notes:

kim. said...

love the sneakers. everyone's wearing them these days as if they're "regular shoes" so don't be wearing them just at the gym!

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

those runners are BEAUTIFUL.