January 4, 2013

what to do...

While blowing dry my hair this morning, I noticed that the color is really starting to fade. It's to be expected since I only got semi-permanent color, but it seemed to happen overnight. I also noticed some wiry gray hairs poking their way through at the roots (sniff sniff). It seems it's time to have it dyed again, and I like the dark color so I'm not going to change it this time around. So my decision...do I shell out the ridiculous amount of cash for a salon color, or give a home box color a try? 

sweater: JoeFresh
tee: Zara
jeans: Garage
boots: Steve Madden Troopa 
bracelet: Pandora
necklace: June Designs
glasses: DKNY

4 notes:

Lyn said...

Salon! I have some of those grey hairs, too, and I've found a salon color is worth the price paid.

Also, love the sweater.

kim. said...

And OMG I am shocked at the amount of greys I have - I never really noticed them (thank gawd for being blond) but they show up alot more on my shaved sections.
I too love that sweater. And Minnie.

maryse said...

I think you can do it at home. But don't go too far from your natural color. And mix up 2 boxes.

Jo Ro said...

You could totally do your color at home, but it's so much less messy at a salon.

I've had good luck with at home color.