January 16, 2013

wednesday at the office

Today was a looong day (worked 10 hours straight) and was the first time in I don't know how long that I tried an almost centre part with my hair. Not sure how much I love it but it's something different and I'm getting a bit tired of my butch-y hair. I think I may take Jen's advice and grow it a bit. Ok so I LOVE the shape of the blazer I wore today (I have sported it once before on the blog). It's really old and I while I vaguely recall where I got it, I remember NEEDING to buy it and having to get it in a small because it was the last one. My boobs do not fit in size small blazers. Needless to say I wore it unbuttoned most of the day for fear of popping the button - again. (And to think this is post boob reduction....*sigh*)

blazer ~ Allegro (I think)
tank ~ H&M
pants ~ Aritzia (Talula)
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita via Wolf & Zed (these seem to be my go-to boots)
belt ~ Banana Republic
necklace ~ Mexico
bracelet ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew
ring ~ Heavens to Betsy

7 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

your hair looks great like that. no more shaving it!

orange/chocolate said...

I agree with Jen. Let it grow a bit :)

kim. said...

:-) i'm pretty much convinced.

Honnie said...

You look good with a centre part. I really like your necklace. I've had long hair since I was four years old so I'm pretty biased where that's concerned. I always prefer long hair but I do think your short cut is cool, gutsy and bad ass. What I really like about having long hair though is that you can wear it in so many different ways. Of course I usually wear mine down but in theory I could experiment!

kim. said...

Thanks Honnie! I haven't had long hair in probably 15 years. My hair is WAY too thick to deal with it long. I'll grow it out some but NO WAY am I going long. although I suppose I could if I kept the bottom half shaved underneath.

vanessa said...

Kim, I love that you're bold and try new things. Keep surprising us!

kim. said...

:-) thx vanessa!