January 25, 2013

vacation wear

We are staying in today, keeping warm and doing some house cleaning. I would be completely and totally embarrassed if anyone came a knockin' today...since I'm sporting baggy arse joggers with socks pulled up to my knees,a shirt covered in Gia's snot and hair that not even an elastic can tame. I know, my life is one to be envious of.

Since my parents, and now my sisters, are escaping this hell called winter and heading to Mexico, I too started looking for flights. However, being a full time mommy, any trip I take would mean I have a tot in tow, and the thought of an 8 hour indirect flight is not a pleasant one. I realized that for less than the price of two direct tickets, all 3 of us could instead head to Florida for a week and stay on site at Disney. So keep your fingers crossed that the Mr can get the time off, and that I'll find a house sitter willing to dispense meds  multiple times a day to my kitties. In hopes that the stars do in fact align, and we can get out of here, I thought I'd take a peek around and see what stuff I could find to order for the trip. Slim pickings this time of year, but since most of my summer stuff is newish, I don't need a whole lot. Here's what I found...

Deena & Ozzy backpack via Urban Outfitters

BDG leggings via Urban Outfitters
BDG pants via Urban Outfitters
Simons beach tunic
Simons swimsuit
Simons swimsuit
Old Navy tank
Old Navy chambray shirt
Old Navy shorts
Old Navy maxi
Lacoste sneakers via ShoeCompany

Gap jeans
Gap dress

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Anonymous said...

I got that key tank at ON - it's pretty cute