January 15, 2013


While watching YouTube videos, we came across some toddler gymnastics clips, and Gia was soon obsessed. So I enrolled her in a toddler tumblers class and we went this morning to her first session. It was so adorable seeing all the little munchkins running around learning to balance, jump and flip. Gia had a blast and was so unbelievable good at listening to instructions and copying what she was shown to do. She did really well, but we discovered that she couldn't figure out how to bend over to touch her hands to the ground (to set up for a somersault)...I think her big gut was getting in the way, causing her to tip over. That's my chubs!

There isn't much of an outfit today, as we were dressed in "gym" clothes, but our shoes matched and G looked cute rocking her sweatsuit so I took some pics anyway.

on me:
shirt: Aritzia
scarf: H&M
yoga pants: Lululemon
shoes: Puma

on Gia:
sweater: Roots
pants: Zara
shoes: Puma

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Lyn said...

Sounds like such a fun day!