January 2, 2013

topshop sale goodies

Christmas Day morning my twin sister emailed Jen and I that she had received an email from The Bay that lots of Topshop stuff was 50% off. She freaked and ordered several pieces, including a jacket for me. Turns out The Bay royally f*cks up the sizing because it's from the UK and has UK, US and whatever other sizes on the tags that seems to be far too confusing for this lovely company. So alot of what Julia ordered turned out to be UK sizes when the dropdown only had a # not followed by anything to make her think it was anything other than regular US sizes. OOPS - it was UK. And in 1 or 2 cases, it turned out to be neither. Anyway, most of what she ordered she has to return, but thankfully the long black wool moto jacket fit me PERFECTLY (although I would have preferred it a bit baggier, and I think its was $65 or $70, now sold out) and one of the camisoles she bought ($35) fit me ok across the boobs (hers are even bigger than mine) so I scored that one. Sorry for the shitty iPhone pics.

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