January 24, 2013

thursday at the office

So I was 2 inches away from getting CREAMED by a car on my way home from work tonight. And I am not at all exaggerating  Sorry but I am NOT pushing back the massive hood on my parka every time I cross a street to make sure the coast is clear when I have the goddamn walk signal! Apparently I do though if I don't want to lose my life. GAWD I hate stupid-ass drivers who don't pay attention. Anyway, I am off work tomorrow so I will be taking pics of new stuff I got this week, and I'm thinking about doing a post of something that has been on my to-buy list for a while now, and then I have another post in mind of my latest style inspiration. Stay tuned for all that homies.

biggest sweater in my closet ~ Zara
cargo skinnies ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew
boots ~ Fluevog's Prepare Volunteer
copper rings ~ DIY
bracelet ~ Balenciaga

4 notes:

maryse said...

So this is my pet peeve as a driver. People who don't look when they cross. And here's why. Yes as a pedestrian you have the right of way but you have no idea what is going on in that car. Like you saw tonight sometimes they don't see you especially if it's dark out. Or they could have a heart attack. Or they push the gas instead of the break. Or try hit a patch of ice and lose control. Just be careful.

jen@closetrivalry said...

Love the grandma sweater. You're on a roll this week!

kim. said...

i guess i either die from getting smucked, or i die from exposure when I constantly have to pull back my hood at each intersection to make sure i'm not going to get hit :)

kim. said...

:-) whatever works to keep me warm! (takes me at least 3 hours to defrost from my walks)