January 10, 2013

this & that

- despite my proclamation about Sorels yesterday, it was nice enough today to wear these boots outside.
- Lebanese pie lunch dates with my little miss are always hilarious & a tad embarrassing, as she gives me a running commentary (in a super loud voice) about everyone in the shop.
- I went to a hardcore sculpting class at the gym yesterday, and my bum, quads & triceps are currently on fire
- wearing glasses daily is getting annoying, and I keep forgetting to order new contacts
- I don't think we will be getting a dog as soon as we would have liked. We decided on a Boston and there are currently no good breeders or suitable rescues in the area.
- bags of Hershey Kisses were on sale for $1 at the drug store. I bought 6 bags.
- I'm super proud of myself for being halfway through my resolution list!
- I'm thinking of starting a detox...fire me some suggestions if you've got any.

jacket: Simons
sweater: Dynamite
jeans: Garage
socks: JoeFresh
boots: Aldo

4 notes:

Topperlett said...

Try the Wild Rose D-tox. It's only 12 days and works wonders to kickstart your system and to get rid of all toxins, etc. I use it twice a year, I'm currently on day 8 and there is already a huge improvement. Also, it's not prep heavy which is nice (no juicing required).


J said...

Gia's mini boots are adorable! I had (almost) the same boots as you, super comfortable, but my mom stole them :(

jen@closetrivalry said...

looking at it now...thanks!

jen@closetrivalry said...

thanks j. i love these boots...it's nice to be normal height sometimes.