January 24, 2013

suckin' it in

My dirty hair and I wore this outfit out the other night. I'm thinking that until my new workout regimen starts to work, and the results start to show, I'll be setting aside this sweater. I spent the whole time sucking it in because every inch, roll, fold etc shows in this annoyingly thin material. But I heart the neckline, length and color. I guess I could try to find some high waisted jeans, then the girdle effect would hold me in!
Despite the frigid temp, I wanted to wear these boots. Bad idea as I couldn't feel my ankles after a few minutes outside. The things we do in the name of fashion! I'm going to need to look for some super low ankle socks; while editing these pics I realized my socks are peeking out. Or maybe I should find fun tall socks and then they'd look cute and my ankles would be warm. Hmm, this post just created a new shopping list.

sweater: Gap
polka dot jeans: Old Navy
boots: Spring
bracelet: Mexico
watch: Fossil
ring: Valley Girl Designs

2 notes:

J said...

Wait, so you're not wearing anything between your skin and your jeans?! I live in NY (not as cold as Ottawa) and I wear socks that go to my knees, leggings, another pair of socks to tuck my jeans in and knee length boots! Not very attractive, but at least I'm not freezing to death!

jen@closetrivalry said...

What can I say, I'm a rebel :)