January 8, 2013


It's a photo heavy post today...Gia was totally in the way being super cute for today's picture taking time. And also I'm proud of myself because it's totally un-Jen-like to wear 3 patterns at once. But I did it, and I think it looked really cute. I even got approval from one of the kids at playgroup who noticed and said "look mama, that lady has polkadots". Her mom agreed that they were nice, and I questioned for a moment if there was some sarcasm there. After all  it is the land of mom jeans and white sneakers. 

I did not wear these boots today.  If I had worn them, they would be soaked by slush and stained with salt. Until April, you can go ahead and assume that I'm wearing my Sorels.

on me:
sweater & jeans: Old Navy
tank: H&M
boots: Spring

on Gia:
cardi & leggings: Old Navy
shirt: H&M

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kim. said...

these are hilarious. and congrats on the pattern bonanza.