January 28, 2013

monday at the office

blazer ~ Urban Outfitters
t-shirt ~ Aritzia
scarf ~ old Navy (my husband's)
jeans ~ Zara
brogues ~ Dr. Martens via Gravity Pope
bracelet ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew
rings ~ DIY

9 notes:

Anonymous said...

u look cute, harry potter:)

srsly - cute!

maryse said...

So adorably preppy. I love those shoes

kim. said...

thanks! these shoes are the sh*t. i LOOOOOVE them. i need more Dr. Martens in my life.

Jarmila said...

The shoes!!! I love them!

Joanne McIntyre said...

totes adorbs!
love the shoes :)

maryse said...

I am a huge dr. Marten fan. I may have at least a dozen pairs