January 7, 2013

monday at the office

I was going to save my Monday outfit for tomorrow and be off by a day all week since I have the day off work Friday - particularly because I bought something spectacular (in my mind anyway) on my lunch break Friday that I've been dying to show you guys but I forgot my freaking memory card with those pics in my camera bag at work. Damn. So you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it. IT being probably the nicest thing I now own. SERIOUSLY. P.S. This post starts off with me reading the 2013 Ikea catalog that Laurie brought in which I realized never got delivered to my house.

leather jacket ~ Guess (via a leather outlet in Vegas)
sweater ~ Banana Republic
pants ~ Helmut via SSENSE (went down to 50% off and have sold out - I of course paid regular price)
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita via Wolf & Zed
rubber bracelet ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew

4 notes:

J said...

Is it a Balenciaga bag?!

jen@closetrivalry said...

the nicest these pants have ever looked. great outfit! can't wait to see what IT is.

kim. said...

i f*cking wish!!!!