January 17, 2013

kid free day

A morning spent at Starbucks, followed by a casual walk around Chapters. Then lunch with an old friend at a quaint restaurant, and a well deserved pedicure to top it all off. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a  kid free day. In reality, I went to the gym, hit up the grocery store, and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my house from top to bottom. No exactly glamorous and relaxing, but nice none the less.

A deep freeze is upon us once again, so to battle the frigid temperatures, I threw on the warmest, chunkiest knits I own. And Sorels, which made my toes very happy. Pardon the post-workout hair, I refuse to shower at the gym. The very idea grosses me out.

sweater: Gap
scarf: Little Burgundy
jeans: Old Navy Rockstar
earrings: Magpie
boots: Sorel Cate the Great

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