January 30, 2013

is it tomorrow yet?

Gia woke up this morning super sick, and the day has went downhill from there. The world ended when we drove home from a visit at my parents and three minutes from our driveway Gia realized we had left her beloved blankie behind. There was no way she was going to go down for her nap (which we were already about an hour late for) without it, so we turned around and headed back. Then her usual 3 hour nap ended up being a whopping 25 minutes. She woke up with a mysterious giant blue bruise on her temple with  a tiny cut in the middle. Her cough is starting to sound croupy and I'm getting a bit concerned.
So it wasn't really a surprise when I sat down to do this post and noticed that the camera moved on the tripod and left me with out of focus pics, and cut off feet.

shirt: JoeFresh...my closet didn't think three denim shirts was enough, so I picked up this one at the grocery store on the weekend for $24
jeans: Gap
socks: Ardene
boots: Hunter Wellies via TrustFund
ring: Valley Girl Designs
bracelets: AE, F21, Mexico

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kim. said...

...but you got Pugley's head, so who cares. ;)