January 23, 2013

inspiration for red pants

As promised, I scoured my blog roll and Pinterest in search of great outfits featuring red pants. I was hoping to see pictures that would make me think "yup, I can totally recreate that" and "ohhh, I never thought of that combo before". I found a few that satisfied the former, but it seems like beige, stripes, white, black and chambray are in fact the only tops that look good with red, and I've already thought of those.

After examining a whole lot of pictures, I figured out a few things. The tighter the red pants, the better they look. They also look better cropped. Big black boots (combat or otherwise) stand out too much when paired with this bold color. Red pants need flats, and if those flats are brown or beige, then all the better. On occasion, ankle boots can look good too.
So I shall try again to make my red pants work for winter, but if not, they will definitely be making an appearance when I can cuff them, and throw on some open toed wedges, or nude flats.

(unless otherwise noted, all pics I found on Pinterest and can be found on my red pants style board. The pinners of the world have a really hard time properly pinning pics to lead back to the original source. So annoying!)

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Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to dig out my pair of red cords. I am sporting them this very minute with a multicioloured top, a red sweater and ombre grey boots. Head to toe red is not for the faint of heart (which I usually am) but it appears to be an antidote to the cold weather. Signed Michele)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, everyone aroudn me loved the colour!! I am enjoying this blog, by the way. I like the way that you are so real with regard to what it is like being a mom. Those months that I stayed home were challenging to say the least. Keep it up! (Signed Michele aka a Ottawalternagrrl).