January 11, 2013


The last time we went to playgroup I spent the whole morning with soaking wet socks. I stepped in a puddle two seconds after taking my boots off at the door. So this time I packed us some indoor shoes. It's nice because we both are able to get some wear out of shoes that would otherwise sit untouched till spring. Gia wouldn't put her indoor Converse on for pictures...in her words "No mama, my need warm boots for snow and ice and mud". Then when I put our outerwear on, she wouldn't stop yelling at me "Mama, time to go, come on, no boots in the house". This kid...I just love her to pieces.

on me:
jacket: AE
shirt: JoeFresh
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Hunters via TrustFund
shoes: Toms
necklace: F21
watch: Fossil
glasses: Coach

on Gia:
shirt, leggings & scarf: JoeFresh
jacket: Old Navy
boots: Payless

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