January 18, 2013

friday at the office

As Jen mentioned, it was freaking FREEZING here the past few days. By today I just wanted to wear the biggest, warmest sweater I had as it has been taking me at least 2 hours to defrost after walking to work. Although I felt like a bit of a slob today considering I had 2 interviews to conduct, I figured to hell with that noise, it's Friday and it's -80 outside and I work in IT where no one knows how to dress anyway and jeans are a staple of every IT nerd's wardrobe so me being in a big sweater and cargos is no biggie. I did feel guilt and changed from my moto boots into my more appropriate chelsea boots for said interviews. On a side note, the hubby and I have a date night tomorrow - I made a ressie at Fraser Cafe since we have a $200 gift card to use (I hear it's awesome). I plan on eating and drinking tons and coming up with a cute outfit since it seems like it's been ages since I got dressed up a bit. (Let's face it, I don't really dress up). On another side note while I'm babbling I think out of exhaustion, I hope to find a half hour this weekend to do something about our blog header. We're not loving it and would prefer something smaller/simpler. So Jen, remind me wouldya?

massive sweater ~ Zara
tank ~ H&M
cargo skinnies ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew
boots ~ Zadig & Voltaire via Solestruck (still my fav boots EVAH)
necklace ~ vintage Norwegian via eBay
bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy
stone ring ~ a store now closed
flower ring ~ Wunderkammer

4 notes:

maryse said...

For my current job I was interviewed by someone wearing short shorts. You look fine. Heh

jen@closetrivalry said...

i was just about to invite you to mamma's...enjoy!