January 18, 2013

cheap stuff I want

It's way too cold to venture out today, unless you enjoy the feeling of your nostrils freezing the moment you step out the door. I had my fair share of frozen extremities when I lived in Yellowknife, and since I have no desire to relive those days, I'm inside keeping warm with the help of knit tights and fuzzy slippers.

It's nap time, and since I have very little of my clothing budget left this month, I thought I'd peruse the website of the cheapest store we all love...Forever 21. Here's what I'm contemplating buying...

Mock Pocket Skinny Jeans

Ribbed Trimmed Broad Collar Jacket

Faux Leather Sleeve Varsity Jacket

Chunky Colorblocked Cardigan

Dotted High-Low Button Up

Button Back Striped Sweater

Sequined Raglan Sleeve Sweater

2 notes:

kim. said...

i love all (especially the varsity jacket) except the 2 sweaters.

Jo Ro said...

Lets have a tour of your closets?!?