January 5, 2013

Blogiversary - part 2

It's been a fun year around here, watching my personal style evolve and change. I enjoy clothes more then ever, and feel like I'm now a lot more confident and comfortable in what I wear. It's partly because of this blog that I was motivated to shed the last of the lingering baby weight, and to get out of wearing yoga pants and sweatshirts on the daily. I'd like to thank all of you for stopping by and reading this little blog of ours!

Here's my picks for Kim's 8 best and 2 not so good outfits from the last year:

The good:

Dec 3 - Despite the boots, this monochromatic outfit is so flattering that I had to include it.

Dec 2  -  I want this outfit. Casual, comfy, and not overly accessorized so all the attention is left to the poncho.

Aug 13 - Those legs, that blouse, those heels...HOT.

Sept 11 - Not much looks better than a white shirt, especially when paired with such well fitting jeans and great boots.

July 10 - I picked this one mostly because I'm jealous of Kim's height...she looks so good in a maxi skirt.

Nov 22 - Classy in what looks like a custom made blazer it fits so well.

Oct 22 - One of Kim's MANY oversized sweaters, but this one looks fantastic! The pop of color and patterned jeans don't hurt either!

Oct 24 - Fun pants, and my fave boots. 

The not so good:

Sept 7 - There is just way too much going on here. The individual pieces are decent, but all together it's far from working. 

April 11 - Worst blazer ever? I think so!

3 notes:

kim. said...

i knew that poufy shoulder blazer would end up on your worst list. :)

orange/chocolate said...

hahaha Ther'es no doubt that you know uor sister very well.
I love your sweaters and you look fantastic with skirt.