January 5, 2013

Blogiversary - part 1

A year ago today, my younger sister Jen and I started this little blog. We thought it would be a cool project for both of us to do together, and give Jen something to do besides changing dirty diapers and crafts. I didn't really need another project on top of my public servant job or the other blog but it's been alot of fun and I don't regret it for a second. We've got some new ideas to spice things up this upcoming year, and hopefully you will all continue to stop by and visit and leave the occasional comment (a big thanks to all who have visited the past 365 days!). If you've got any thoughts as to what you'd like to see on closet rivalry, feel free to leave us a comment or shoot us an email.
For our posts today, we thought we'd do the best and the worst of each other's outfits this past year. I'd like to call this "the evolution of Jen's hair"...and it was really amazing to see how Jen's daughter Gianna has grown since we started closet rivalry. So here are my picks for Jen's top 10 outfits - 8 best and 2 not so awesome (plus a bonus I had to include).

May 30 - loved this top, which paired with the skinnies, heels and clutch is a HOT outfit. 

Aug 11 - Jen looks great in black and grey, and I loved this birthday outfit. I'm a fan of drape-y tops. 

Aug 29 - A simple outfit but needed to include this to show the power of some skinny jeans and wedges. Makes Jen look regular height (LOL) and super slimming on the legs. MORE WEDGES JEN!

Sept 12 - LOVE this. Parisian chic. Need I say more?

Sept 28 - OMG Jen in a blazer! I own about 20 jackets/blazers so I'm a big fan and was stoked to see Jen finally wear a blazer. It's a grown-up look made casual with jeans and flats. One of my favourite combos. 

Sept 29 - I am always telling Jen to layer more, because it turns a boring outfit into something way more interesting. She listened to me here. And I love the mint coloured jeans. 

Nov 15 - I love a good trench coat. They can make an outfit look classy with minimal effort. I don't even care what Jen had under it. :)

Nov 24 - Jen, unlike myself, is obsessed with cardis...but this one I dig. I am a fan of anything in lace. And it becomes sexy in black. 

Now for the 2 outfits I'm not a big fan of. They follow a theme as you will see.

I will sport a really baggy/manly top every now and then, but I prefer them without baggy/manly pieces from head to toe. Just switching up the jeans to skinnies would have eliminated these from my not-so-cool list, or even better, some skinnies AND a funky boot.

Now for the extra photo I had to include. It goes along with my potential title of "the evolution of Jen's hair". I keep bugging Jen to keep her hair shorter, but then I saw this photo and I think I'll shut up now. 

13 notes:

orange/chocolate said...

I like Jen's style, including the outfits with baggy/manly pieces .
I always visit your blog although I thik it's the first time I leave a comment. I like it a lot as it is. Your outfits are inspiring. Thanks, girls!!

kim. said...

:-) Thanks for being a faithful reader!

maryse said...

Jen has fantastic hair. Does she have to blow it straight? Also I love the trench outfit. I think she should consider showing her waist more. It's been following you guys.

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

Happy blogiversary sis and sis!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen and Kim and Happy Blogiversary, I have been following your blog since day one but this is the first time I leave a comment. I like your blog just the way it is. C'est si frais et authentique! Thank you for sharing your outfits and some bits of your lives :-)
R from Paris

kim. said...

I think she swears by her straightener. (and she finally got a decent blower dryer this past Christmas).

kim. said...

Thanks for being a faithful reader R!!

jen@closetrivalry said...

thanks for coming to my defense :)

jen@closetrivalry said...

my hair is naturally wavy so (as Kim said) I love my straightener, and am finally learning how to use a round brush to blow it dry.

jen@closetrivalry said...

thanks for sticking around!

jen@closetrivalry said...

I'm shocked that you picked the bday outfit, it's not one of my faves. And I'm laughing cause I think I've worn heels maybe 6 times, and you picked most of them!