January 3, 2013

baggy knees

After a few days of hibernation due to a deep freeze, I felt the need to throw on some jewelry and wedges even if it was only to head to a friends place for a little morning play date. I froze my bum off and need a super hot shower to bring my core body temp up. And I'm going out again tonight...dreading the weather, but looking forward to the company. Anyway, I need to complain for a minute about denim. Why is it that I cannot find a pair of friggin' skinny jeans in a "normal" shade of blue (like these) that do not stretch in the knees? I've tried expensive Citizens, and cheapy Old Navy & Garage, but not one will stay tight in the knees. I'm not sure where else to look.

sweater: Gap
jeans: Garage
boots: Verona
necklace & ring: Mirma
bracelet: gift from my parents travels

5 notes:

Topperlett said...

My fav jeans are from Joe Fresh. They're the 'slim' fit and they're incredible. They don't stretch or lose their shape and they don't bag at the knee. And mega bonus, they're $29.00.

Joanne McIntyre said...

I think jeans fit better and have better shape retention when the jeans have 98% cotton and 2% spandex (or some mix like that). I always read the label and check the content before buying my clothes due to sensitive skin.

jen@closetrivalry said...

i'll try some next time i'm at the grocery store, thanks!

jen@closetrivalry said...

i would have never thought to look...but I will now! thx!!!

AMR said...

Just wanted to comment that I thoroughly enjoyed the answer "i'll try some next time i'm at the grocery store, thanks!".

Cheese? No! Jeans.