December 9, 2012

where i've been

Wow...what a crazy weekend! Husband and I, along with 2 other lovely couples, headed to Toronto Friday on the afternoon train to catch a DMB concert the same night. They've been my favorite band for as long as I can remember, and anytime they tour within 8 hours of us, we make sure to go.
From the train, we ran to check into our hotel, and quickly change. We then had a great dinner at an amazing little restaurant, Richmond Station, which I highly recommend. Without a minute to spare, we headed to the venue, grabbed a beer, bought some merchandise (my house is decorated in concert posters!) and found our seats just as they took the stage. Their shows are always incredible, and although this one was rather mellow, it definitely didn't disappoint.
Saturday we were due back at the train station just after 11 so as soon as my eyes opened in the morning, I headed to the Eaton Center across the street from our hotel. There were many, many stores I wanted to get to, especially Topshop, but there just wasn't enough time after spending an hour in H&M.

So now I'm home, and heading to family dinner in a bit. I have a wicked stomach bug and wanted to be as comfy as possible, hence the stretchy pants and flannel shirt!

flannel shirt: Garage
jeans: Zara
shoes: Converse
glasses: Coach
and under here somewhere is a Fossil watch, and Magpie earrings

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