December 19, 2012

wednesday at the office

It was chaos at the office once again, and to make things even more miserable, I had not brought a lunch. It was wet and yucky outside and I was super busy so my twin sis shared her lunch with me, which is why there's a photo of me eating. Bonus to working with family - if you're lucky, they might feed you.

sweater ~ Gap
shirt ~ Gap
plaid trousers ~ Gap
boots ~ Dolce Vita via Shopbop
necklace & chain bracelets ~ gifts from Italian relatives/the 'rents when I was a kid
watch ~ Michael Kors
gold ring ~ BCBG
bracelets on right wrist ~ The Bay and a store now closed

3 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

if there was one pair of your boots that i could steal, it would be those.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same :)

i really like your outfit.
i know you love leather and stuff, but i think "soft fabrics" really fit you!


kim. said...

these boots were like, 70% or something ridic a couple yrs ago. they're classics and i love them too.

thanks Leslie!