December 11, 2012

tuesday at the office

As Jen mentioned, it's f*cking cold out today! -17 this morning apparently. I dressed appropriately for my walk to and from work - Canada Goose jacket, wind pants, thick sweat pants, leggings, 2 pairs of socks, thickest mittens I have, boots, a toque and I wore the hood of the jacket up. I felt NOTHING. I wanted to wear something cozy because I was cold at work yesterday in my half sweater. (And I picked up my mukluks that Beaded Dreams ordered for me - SO COOL! I wore them out just now to run to the vets for food and meds and Shoppers ...$625 later....and they're like slippers!! Photos to come eventually. Oh - and thanks to Dianne for the AWESOME homemade choc chip cookies!!!)

wool fair isle vest ~ Woolrich via Apple Saddlery
white shirt ~ Banana Republic
corduroy skinnies ~ F21
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita via Wolf & Zed
necklace ~ vintage Norwegian via eBay
beaded bracelet ~ Beaded Dreams
leather bracelet ~ gift from the 'rents from Mexico
charm bracelet ~ Pandora
rings ~ Mexico

2 notes:

gabriella said...

i am constantly obsessed with your shoe collection and jewellery!!
also, the fact that you can take photos of outfits at work :)

kim. said...

it's helpful that my sister has a corner office that's private, and we do it on our lunch break.