December 15, 2012

today & this weeks purchases

Kim stopped by my house today just as we were getting home so I had her play photographer  She got a bit creative (which is a nice change) and made me laugh by standing in what can only be described as a "taking a twosie" pose.

We headed out for some errands this morning and stopped in at my parents for lunch, and to grab fire wood so we can stop using those piddly (and expensive) fake logs. Here's what I wore...

I've been really good lately about not spending too much on stuff for myself. It's been especially hard this week since both my sisters have been sending me daily emails about amazing sales at some of my favorite stores. 
When I ordered the Rockstar jeans for Kim, I threw in a tank for was maybe $4.

I was at the Bay getting a Christmas present earlier in the week and realized I had a gift card for MAC so I picked up two eyeshadows (Naked Lunch and Coquette).

As I mentioned before, I ordered a bag from Simons and decided this morning that I do like it enough to keep it. It's big enough to fit all my junk, plus Gia's diapers and snack bag with a little room to spare.

parka: Simons
oxford shirt:: Banana Republic
cords: Old Navy
boots: Steve Madden
scarf: from my parents trip to Greece
rings & bracelet: Mexico

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