December 20, 2012

this weeks purchases & todays outfit

It sucks to get dressed and not like what you're wearing and then have no time to change. Oh well, it was a great day nonetheless.

shirt: Aritzia
cords: Old Navy
booties: Spring

I ordered a few things from Forever 21 to take advantage of their free shipping. I realized that if I buy accessories I really like, I might actually wear them. As opposed to the dozen or so bangle sets I own that drive me nuts to wear, and aren't really that exciting. I accidentally ordered two of the same ring so I sent one over to Kim (and it matches her tattoo!).

Here's what I got:

Cutout arrow ring

Braided fringe bracelet
Triangle charm necklace

High-Low Chiffon panel top

High-Low striped knit top

1 notes:

kim. said...

great stuff!!!!! (and thanks for the ring! Dave didn't have to come all the over to drop it off)