December 6, 2012

this weeks purchases (so far)

There's no outfit post today. I did go out to the mall to pick up a gift I had ordered, but I am on day 5 of a killer migraine (I look like I haven't slept in days) and was not liking the outfit clothes I threw on this morning.
Of course I can't manage to make it through a trip to the mall without picking up something for myself. I clearly have a problem. I might have some more to add to this weeks purchases as we're heading to TO tomorrow. It's a quick one night trip but I'm hoping to find at least a few minutes to pop into H&M.

I think I said a while back that I wouldn't buy cheap footwear anymore. Well, I lied. I was walking past Verona and spotted these cute grey boots and they were on sale for $19!  How can they even make boots that cheap? I love the faux suede detail and they're actually comfortable.

I found an adorable blouse at Dynamite, and although it wasn't on sale, it was only $32 and I felt like getting something new (and grown up looking) to wear for the weekend.

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kim. said...

OMG $19 boots?!?!?!
Both the boots and blouse are super cute