December 1, 2012

this weeks purchases & a bit about eyebrows

If I had to pick one outfit to wear every day this winter it would be this one. Sure it's not that exciting, but it's oh so comfy. I love the look of mixed neutrals and denim.
I picked up this scarf (the size of a blanket and made of the cosiest flannel) at Old Navy on sale for $8 and the red cords (also crazy comfy!) on sale for $19. So much for not shopping till after Christmas!

I got my nails done last night and decided on a red wine color. It's a gorgeous color and I might stick with it for a while...we'll see how it grows out. For anyone in the Ottawa area looking for nails...I've got the girl for you! After my appointment I went to a very fancy (read expensive) spa to have my eyebrows waxed. For some, eyebrows aren't a big deal, but I've always been particular about mine. 16 years after I started waxing, I'm still amazed how hard it is for some people to make my eyebrows symmetrical. Every time I find an esthetician that does them well, they don't work there the next time I'm due. So the girl last night went on and on about how she took her time, and they look great, and so nice on me etc etc. Which got me thinking that maybe I'm a little too anal and they are actually fine because all I see is one that is nice and the other that is bigger and lopsided. What do you think?

cardigan: Gap
tee: H&M
jeans: Garage
boots: Aldo
scarf & red cords: Old Navy
bracelets & watch: old
glasses: DKNY

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kim. said...

LOL - you're right about the eyebrows but probably only noticed because you pointed it out. (your left starts higher and is thicker). dear gawd it's been YEARS since i've had mine waxed. I SOOOO need to do it. (thought about it one lunch hour when I was in Murale but OMG they charge $40!)