December 10, 2012

the weekend purchases & some bags

Today's weather is horrible...freezing rain, snow, and now rain so we've been inside keeping busy wrapping Christmas presents and having dance parties. In lieu of an outfit post, I bring you my purchases from TO. 2 shirts, that's all...pretty sad eh?! The first I got at H&M for $12 (along with a tonne of adorable stuff for Gia) and the other is my DMB concert shirt (maybe $35?)

I have a little bit of extra money kicking around and I noticed that my everyday black purse (also serves as my diaper bag) is actually falling apart. The leather on the straps are ripped in a few places and I lost one of the buckles to close the side pocket. So I'm looking for a new one, and as much as I'd like a fancy designer bag, my budget of $100 isn't going to cut it. These are some of the ones that I found...

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