December 22, 2012

some purchases

Thursday after work I stopped in at Murale on my way home because I am dangerously low on some of my everyday makeup products. I thought I'd share what I picked up.

1 - Smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer (. This I've actually never used before. I had spent so much money that if I spent another $8 I would get a $40 coupon. OMG I just noticed the sticker on it says $32. EEEKKK!!!! LOL - it was the only interesting thing at the counter. The girl ringing up my purchases said it's really good - and CORRECTIVE. Hell yeah! Lord knows at my age I could use all the corrective stuff I can get my hands on. Looking forward to trying this out.

2 - Smashbox  photo finish lid primer. I LOVE this stuff. It makes your lids look fabulous even if you don't want to wear shadow. And it keeps my shadow on pretty decently all day at work.

3 - NARS concealer stick (light3 honey). This is the one I was particularly dangerously low on. SCARY as I use this every single day to get rid of my red splotches and under the eyes (but now I have something else for that).

4 - NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer (light2 alaska). Jen and I have both blogged this before. I hate thick foundation and this is just a lotion! This with the concealer work wonders and look invisible as opposed to cakey - hate that. Pricey but worth every penny and every drop.

5 - Clinique has the best lipsticks and glosses on the market, in my humble opinion. My twin sis and I tried these chubby sticks recently and I fell in love. Had to try another one. This is 10 bountiful blush and this colour was recommended by the girl helped me find everything on my list.

6 - Clinique stay-matte sheer pressed powder oil-free (02 stay neutral). This does exactly what the name says. I tend to get really dry when I use powders (especially in winter) but so far so good with this.

Now on to a quick outing last night. Jen texted me from Old Navy talking about the ridiculous prices of the stuff she was buying, so I told my husband and he suggested we go since I had my rockstar jeans to still return. It was SO worth the trip. We went at about 7 pm and there were maybe 15 other customers in the store (we went to one NOT in a mall). I ended up with 2 rockstar jeans for $7.50 each. Yes, $44.50 down to $7.50!!! And I grabbed a sweater for $15 (Jen got the exact same one - and hopefully different jeans). Oh ya - got a couple t-shirts for $5 each too but too boring to photograph, and about 15 things for my husband - and the bill was just under $200.

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