December 16, 2012


Despite the frigid temps, the snow had just started to fall and it was beautiful so I had my husband take a few pics out the patio door. In the three seconds it took me to walk across the deck, the wind picked up and a blizzard began. Not such a great idea after all.

We didn't do much today other than a trip to the grocery store for more baking supplies, followed by a  coffee run. I'm now sitting by the bay window, watching the snow fall, listening to great tunes, and waiting for my shortbread to cool so I can dip 'em in chocolate and crushed candy canes. I should have been a baker...I've had so much fun the last few days getting elbow deep in flour and whipping up yummy treats. I'm not really a sweets girl so I don't even have to worry about the willpower to stay away from the stuff!

sweater: Target
tee: Garage
cords & socks: Gap
boots: Steve Madden Troopa
scarf: ?
earrings: Magpie

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kim. said...

too funny - you can hardly make out what you're wearing through the snow.