December 12, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I ordered a ton of stuff from Old Navy for the hubby for Christmas. Included in that order were a couple pairs of the Rockstar animal-print jeans. Turns out I bought them a size too small, and regular length when I should have bought tall. When Jen placed an order a few days ago, she ordered me the jeans again in the proper size and length (and they were a bit cheaper). So I have a couple pairs to return. And a couple pairs that I am going to wear often. They are awesome. I can't believe it took me this long to get some. (P.S. they're still on sale! And thanks Jen!)

2 notes:

Honnie said...

I was wondering whether you liked them ... They do run a bit short so I can see how you might need them in a longer length. I noticed you mentioned buying mukluks the other day. Were they from Manitoba Mukluks? How long did they take to ship? I just ordered this pair in black from there (felt lucky as it was only one of a few pairs available in my size!) and am hoping I get them some time this century. Saw a different version in person at Town Shoes and they are soooo nice. Such good quality, almost like art!

kim. said...

They're awesome jeans. I got my twin to order me another pair this a.m. while she placed an order since it's the last day of a 30% sale (so they'd be under $20)
Yes, the mukluks are from Manitobah Mukluks but a local store ordered them for me. It ended up taking over a month because the company was so busy (kind of ridiculous so be prepared to wait a long time). I have worn them once and they are INCREDIBLE. Like wearing slippers OUTSIDE!