December 26, 2012


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! We had an absolutely wonderful time, and everyone was spoiled rotten. My heart is happy, and I truly am blessed to have such an awesome family to spend the holidays with.

My mom (as always) went crazy with presents. My parents are so very generous, and we love every minute of it! This year, my favorite gift was the money they donated, in my name, to buy pigs for a village in Africa. My new food processor was pretty cool too!

She also got me this Gap sweater, a scarf, Pandora spacers, Diorshow mascara, and Dior Addict lipstick (in Saint Tropez). Thanks Mom!

My husband must be an avid reader of this here blog, because he bought me the Sorel boots that I wanted, (and actually really need). So exciting! I wore them yesterday, and they are amazing. Despite Kim's warning, they were really comfy and didn't pull my socks off.
Back in November, I did a post about some jewelry I found on Etsy that would make great Christmas presents. Well, my husband (the most amazing husband btw) bought THEM ALL!

See what I mean...spoiled rotten!

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kim. said...

you totally scored on all that jewelry. GOOD JOB DAVE!!!