December 28, 2012

polka dots

Polka dots make me happy. Especially when in the form of a super comfy sweater that was $15! Next time I might just go for overkill and wear this shirt with my $7 polka dot jeans! 
I'm so excited for tonight...I get to go out for dinner with one of my oldest friends who is in town for the holidays. Now to figure out a way to stay up past 8...cause its not even 2 and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open. I'll change into something else for the evening, but this is what I wore today.

sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Garage
boots: Blowfish 
bib necklace and big ring: Aldo
garnet ring & earrings: from my Mom

1 notes:

kim. said...

love that necklace. and am i ever glad i got that sweater too. SO COMFY.