December 19, 2012

plaid, again

I think you've seen this combo before, or at the very least this plaid shirt a dozen times. It's just so easy, and comfy...which is all I really care about when getting dressed.
I wore this today to a Christmas party at Gianna's playgroup. It would be nice to dress a little fancy in spirit of the holidays, but my days are still filled with paint, circle time, and playdoh. Today, sparkly glue was thrown in the mix too. I managed to escape with only one of three colors of glue in my hair, hence the sorry excuse for a pony tail. It more closely resembles a stump. I can't wait for my hair to grow long enough for braids and top knots again!

plaid shirt: Garage
jeans: Gap
boots: Hunter Wellies via Trustfund
belt: H&M
bracelet: Pandora
purse: ASOS

3 notes:

kim. said...

i like your hair short(er).

jen@closetrivalry said...

like it is now or when i originally cut it?

kim. said...

either. shorter probably. it's FRESHER. and less massive. ;)