December 13, 2012


I don't really know what to say about today's outfit other than I think I might wear a scarf everyday till next's just so comfy. We were up extra early with a sick little girl (again??!!) and I had no intention of leaving the house. But by 9 Gia had already asked 100 times where we were going today and was not impressed when I said "nowhere". So we got changed and headed out to grab coffee and baking supplies for an afternoon of Christmas cookies. To her, this was quite exciting. To me, the exciting part was coming home and finding a package from Simon's on my doorstep. I ordered the purse I posted the other day and now I have to figure out if I like it enough to keep it.

tank: Gap
jeans: Garage
shoes: Converse
scarf: Jacob
bracelets: AE (beige), old (brown)
glasses: Roots

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