December 5, 2012

it's big today

Hey it's me, and my hair! I don't think it could get any bigger if I tried. I didn't have time this morning to do anything to it so this is what air dried gets me. I'd be okay with it if it were I think that means I'm growing it out.
I wore this easy outfit today as I ran around with a to-do list a mile long. This is my favorite scarf; it's old and belonged to my Dad. It's kind of short (because it's men's I guess) and that's a little annoying as it's hard to do anything with it. And I have a lot of ideas about what to do as I spent an embarrassing amount of time YouTube-ing scarf tying last night. 

sweater: Sfara
tee: AE
jeans: Old Navy Rockstar
scarf: my Dad's
boots: Aldo
backpack: Little Burgundy

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kim. said...

WHOA. That's some large hair. Is Pugley in there?