December 18, 2012

intruder alert

Gia broke away from her lunch to take part in the outfit pics. So pardon her art smock that is acting as a bib. Also, lets all ignore my birds nest hair today. It is not greasy, despite these pictures that say otherwise. I've been soaked multiple times today by the crazy wet snow/rain mix. What a waste of the flat iron this morning!
I gotta say, this white t-shirt took me months to hunt down. I had been looking for a while and NO ONE (Forever 21, Old Navy etc etc) had plain white non-v neck tees. I thought it was a staple that every store would carry but seems I was wrong. I finally came across this one at JoeFresh. I seriously love my grocery store!

cardi: Silence & Noise, from Kim
tee: JoeFresh
jeans: Garage
boots: Verona
scarf: Dynamite
necklace: Mango

3 notes:

kim. said...

loving the mostly grey colour palette you've got going on. grey is for sure my fav colour.
and my niece steals the show once again. :)

Val said...

Your little girl is so cute :) The outfit too, but I'm biased when it comes to grey!