December 21, 2012

friday at the office

OMG I am off work (the day job anyway) for the next ENTIRE WEEK! I have a list of things I want to get done....real exciting stuff like do paint touch ups to my kitchen cabinets, organize my bills, spray all my new footwear, read the stack of decor and fashion mags on my coffee table, clean the cat pee out of my winter walking boots.... and try bleaching/distressing my Zara skinnies. Anyway, I just got back from Old Navy - I never shop there but I had to return my wrong-size rockstar animal print jeans, and could not resist picking up a few ridiculously cheap things (and about 20 things the hubby picked out for himself). More on that tomorrow. Here's what I wore on this lovely blizzardy day.

sweater ~ jenfashion Etsy shop (LOVE this)
jeans ~ (old) Dish via Urban Trade
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell Nation H via Solestruck
necklace ~ Le Château
bracelet ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew
rings ~ Mexico and F21 (thx Jen!)

4 notes:

Linda said...

Wow! I have had my eye on that jenfashion jacket/sweater for about 16 months now. So pleased to see it in real life action! I've been hesitant to purchase it because I was worried I would "fuss" with it too much - too many ways to arrange it and all. Do you find it easy to wear? How do you find the sizing?

Enjoy your week off. What a snowtastic day we had here in Ottawa. Thank god I didn't have to work today. I almost canceled my 8:30 eye appointment, but was able to make it in. Have a lovely weekend.

Kim, I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year.

jen@closetrivalry said...

That sweater is gorgeous. But what is the red thing?
Glad the ring fits your skinny fingers!

kim. said...

Julia (twin sis) bought it for me a couple Christmases ago. I am not sure what size she got. I guess I only wear it like this so no fussing. I really like it, and the fabric is soft which is a bonus.
Happy holidays to you too Linda!

kim. said...

It's a handmade pin that came with it to keep me from flashing people.