December 7, 2012

friday at the office

Sorry for the shitty iPhone pics - I thought I might have the day off today so I brought my camera home last night and didn't feel like bringing it back to work and then back home again. Good thing because I had to go to Place D'Orleans mall this morning for a dentist appointment and of course could not depart the mall (even one as tacky and horrifying as that one) without a few goodies. Photos to come tomorrow along with proper photos of what showed up in the mail this week. Jen is playing hooky from the blog today because she abandoned her child and took off to Toronto for her 89th Dave Matthews Band concert. Meh.

fleece blazer ~ H&M (one of my favs)
t-shirt ~ Zara (sadly it makes my boobs look massive)
jeans ~ Zara
moto boots ~ Zadig & Voltaire via Solestruck (this time with gold spikes - OH YA I discovered it came with silver AND gold!!!)
bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy
ring ~ Fallon via SSENSE

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jen@closetrivalry said...

if only it was the 89th. i'm thinking more like 12th.