December 26, 2012

christmas goodies

As Jen mentioned, we always have a great Christmas and get spoiled rotten. I ain't complaining. :) Here are some of my closet rivalry related goodies and I'll blog the other stuff on my page of desire to inspire.  (I just read Jen's post and realized I forgot to take a pic of my Pandora charms, tho' I think they're the same). P.S. The donation on my behalf was 2 hens and a rooster. :-)

Banana Republic
Jean Machine
American Eagle Outfitters (i think)
OMG these are fleece lined leggings!!!
American Apparel pouch in icy blue (or 'cold air')
MAC shadow in Blackberry
Aritzia (TNA) skinny sweat pants that are TO DIE FOR
not a Christmas present but Julia had ordered them the other day for me and brought them to my parent's yesterday

2 notes:

Elle said...

Where are those sweats from?? (the red ones?)

kim. said...

not sure what happened to all my photo captions - re-adding them now