December 23, 2012

breakfast & shopping

It was a late night for us yesterday, and a very early morning. I don't know why my kid wakes up an hour earlier than usual following a night when she went to bed 3 hours late. So to cure the blahs, we went out for breakfast and a little shopping.

(F21 shirt, Zara pants, Verona boots)

After breakie we went on another trip to Old Navy. As Kim said, their sales were super good so I grabbed everyone a few things the other day and my husband wanted to go back and see what else he could find. He ended up with a few more jogging pants at $6 each. I looked through the kids department and came out with 8 shirts for Gia (between $1.50 & $4) and 4 pairs of pants ($5 each). I also found her the most adorable hooded anorak for next year ($16).

Here's what I ended up with for myself (same sweater as Kim $15, red shirt $5, beige shirt $4.50, jeans $7.50):

Then I quickly ran next door to the Jacob outlet and found this gorgeous sweater on sale (from $70) to $15. 

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