November 30, 2012

yay for

- we got our passports sent in today...yay for trips!
- i'm finally getting better...yay for feeling human!
- it was my husband and my (or is it my husband and I?) third anniversary 2 days ago and we're celebrating this weekend...yay for date night!
- the mail man delivered a bunch of stuff this morning...yay for being done Christmas shopping!
- made a rare stop at Starbucks...yay for a delish latte to start the day!

and best of all...
- it's yay for pizza night!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Garage
boots: Steve Madden Troopa combat boots via Town Shoes
bracelets: gifts from Mexico
belt: H&M
watch: Fossil
earrings: Milk

4 notes:

kim. said...

that sweater is fun....LOVE the xmas tree behind you.....and where are my damn parcels?!?!!?!

Peggy said...

Did you darken your hair? It's very flattering.

jen@closetrivalry said...

i've had quite a few orders arrive in less than 48 hours!

jen@closetrivalry said...

Yup! I got it done a few weeks back, and it's semi-permanent so it's actually lightened up quite a bit.