November 6, 2012

tuesday at the office

After a week of being sick and 4 days away from the office, I revolved my outfit around my biggest and comfiest sweater. It's like walking around wearing a blanket. Perfect for a day like today. (P.S. I have freaking had it with my hair. I can't stand it!)

cardi ~ American Apparel
top ~ Mango
jeans ~ H&M or F21
boots ~ Mjus via Wolf & Zed (last year)
belt ~ Winners
necklace ~ Strut
ring ~ BCBG
bracelets ~ Heavens to Betsy

3 notes:

Devon Davis said...

I saw that sweater in the window at AA. I am going to go get it, now. It looks so comfy!

kim. said...

oh they still carry it? i bought it last year. Ya, it's fabulous. You'll love it.

Devon Davis said...

I think so.. it looks like they have the style in a few different fabrics. Jersey and some woolish type knits.