November 8, 2012

thursday at the office

My twin sis hardly took any full-body shots of me today and I didn't notice until now so these photos are straying a bit from the norm. On a side note, I stopped in at Beaded Dreams after work to try on some Manitobah mukluks. I found out they're a bit big so an 8 fit me a bit better than the 9. And big surprise - this shop sells them at a lower price than the company suggests so they are hopefully going to order me a pair and I'll be saving about $60 if I had of ordered from the Manitobah website. YES! I was all set on black but the burgundy ones are pretty sweet too so I'm a bit torn. I also stopped in at The White Monkey but you'll have to check out my page on desire to inspire in a day or 2 to see what I lugged home from that fab shop.

jacket ~ Aritzia {last seen here} (gawd I love this thing!!!)
t-shirt ~ F21
corduroy pants ~ F21
flats ~ Modern Vintage's Helena via Wolf &Zed {last seen here}
bracelet ~ Balenciaga
ring ~ Heavens to Betsy

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jen@closetrivalry said...

you're such a nerd from the waist down!
i'd love to see those shoes with wide leg pants.