November 19, 2012

this weeks purchases

I'm super late posting today as a nasty cold hit our house and totally ruined the day. Gia woke up stuffy this morning and got worse with each passing hour. I couldn't keep the kleenex coming fast enough. Anyway, here's to hoping we actually sleep tonight, and that tomorrow is a better day where at least one of us changes out of pyjamas.

As Kim said, I didn't have much luck at the Vintage Show. A lot of the clothes were way too big on me, and I wasn't ready to commit $1250 for vintage Chanel. The only thing I bought was a lovely envelope clutch for $8.

I headed to the mall after for some Christmas shopping. 7 hours later, I came away with a tonne of gifts, and a few things for me.
Old Navy had some good sales so I got these three tops for $47 total.

I had a coupon for 40% off at Gap, so I grabbed a pair of cords that I've had my eye on for a while ($40).

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